Commande domotique via PC USB NET POWER 8800


Commande domotique via PC USB NET POWER 8800


Commande domotique via PC USB NET POWER 8800The Aviosys USB Net Power 8800 is a Remote Power Switch that connects to a usb port on your computer and allows you to control your devices via a web browser, smartphone over the internet or on your home network.

The Aviosys 8800 Remote Power Switch is a versatile device that has many commercial and domestic uses. The USB Net Power 8800 can be used for various applications including: Power Management, Internet Controlled Timer scheduling, System Integration and much more. It is also perfect for Home Automation allowing you to control your heating and lighting and other home systems from your laptop or smartphone. For example you can connect Servers or PCs, Heating Equipment lights, CCTV video camera power supplies, garden sprinklers and many other devices that require mains power. Whether you are in a different room or in a different country you will be able to turn on or off your equipment over your Local Area Network or via the Internet. This is perfect for maintaining and monitoring holiday homes while away and rebooting a security camera in the house that is not responding for example. Even if you do not live in the country you will be able to control your essential electrical equipment. It is particularly useful when you need to restart an unresponsive device that is in a remote site or location thus avoiding those inefficient call out journeys. You will save time and money!!


The design of Commande domotique via PC USB NET POWER 8800 is small and simple. A robust plastic casing with a All you need to do is plug the device you wish to control into the socket on the USB Net Power 8800 and connect it to a usb port on your PC. The Net Power 8800 uses the computer network connection to allow you to control the switching on or off of the UK mains socket on the device. You can then install the software on other machines on your network that will act as the switch for the 8800 on your desktop.

The USB Net Power 8800 UK Remote Power Switch can be easily accessed over the internet through a simple web app / browser interface. Using your computer's ip address and internet connection you can remotely access your device online using Google's free GAE service ( Google App Engine ). So you can access your device through your google account securely online. You can even name and see multiple 8800 devices on a google map so you know exactly what device and where it is that you are controlling. Since the interface works within the browser directly through Google App Engine you can access your 9258S using iphone or Android smart phone or web browsers such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome or Safari.

Unlike our other Remote Power Switches the 8800 model uses USB cable connected to your computer instead of an ethernet cable connected directly to your router.

The software of Commande domotique via PC USB NET POWER 8800 comes with a handy Scheduler so that you can easily automate your device to turn off or on at certain times.

User friendly, compact, and simple. Just plug & play. Buy the USB Net Power 8800 as a perfect cost effective solution to your power management needs, for saving both time, money and reduce your energy bills!

N.B. If you are looking for a device specifically for server rebooting you may want to have a look a the Aviosys 9258 range of professional Remote Power Switching devices. The 8800 is intended for use as a remote on/off switch and includes a simple Timer Shceduler. However if your needs are for a standalone unit with multiple outlets and full feature set including multiple user login, special auto reboot by ping, email notification service and auto on status settings the 9258 range may be more suitable to your commercial requirements. Please see the links below:

Commande domotique via PC USB NET POWER 8800

If require a 1U Rack Mount unit please see the 9258 DS 9258 DS or the 9258 Pro models

1. Remote & Local power control: Turn ON / OFF devices.
2. Control through any other PC on Internet.
3. Timer Scheduler: Preset the time to auto control power on / off .
4. Exchangeable Fuse Protection.
5. SDK Available:
6. User friendly, compact, and simply just plug & play.

- 1 X USB NET POWER 8800 with UK plug (attached by power cord with 13 Amp wire as standard)
- 1 X USB cable
- Intallation CD
- Quick Install Guide
- 1 X Spare Fuse
- All items included are in new condition

All our products come complete with a 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

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